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Image processing algorithms

Image Intensity Windowing (level and window)

Not applicable to shaded surface 3D view

Applies a linear transformation or sigmoid function to the values of the input image inside a defined interval.
Values below and above the interval are mapped to constants.
All computations are performed in the precision of the input's type.

Optionally apply palette. Default is configurable from settings dialog.
Available lookup tables:
  1. Custom : "Hot Metal 768"
  2. Custom : "RainbowB 1563"
  3. Custom : "Syngo 1792"
  4. DICOM PS3.6 B.1.1 : "Hot Iron Color Palette"
  5. DICOM PS3.6 B.1.3 : "Metal Blue Color Palette"
  6. DICOM PS3.6 B.1.2 : "PET Color Palette"
  7. DICOM PS3.6 B.1.4 : "PET 20 Steps Color Palette"