Medical Imaging for Linux and Windows. Open 2D, 3D and 4D images in DICOMMetaIONiftiNrrd, MINC2, other formats, meshes in VTK, STL and OBJ format and many more features.

New in 1.27: Updated 3D views
New in 1.30: VTK, STL and OBJ meshes
New in 1.31: Image segmentation
New in 1.32: Updated tools
New in 1.33: Updated internationalization
New in 1.34: Export ROIs to DICOM RTSTRUCT
New in 1.36: Recursive search selected folder for in RTSTRUCT referenced images
New in 1.37: Histogram-based thresholding filters
New in 1.38: Screenshot from any view (click to focus and press g) and many improvements
New in 1.39: New DICOM anonymizer, DICOM Softcopy Presentation State (partial support)
New in 1.40: Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) for PET series
New in 1.41: DICOM studies, improved DICOM export
New in 1.42: Views with anatomical annotations, updated Fusion
New in 1.43: Meshes from binary image (improved) or labels, filters for meshes
New in 1.44: Edit DICOM attributes (in metadata viewer select attribute and press RMB)

Legal notice : Using a software without special certification as primary software for diagnostic and treatment of patients may be not allowed in your country. You may use the software as secondary software or educational software.

No ads. Application does not collect or send any data.


  • Directory scanner
  • Compression
  • Internationalization
  • Sequential and interleaved series, 4D
  • Enhanced IODs, 4D
  • Siemens Mosaic
  • Overlays
  • Read and write DICOM RTSTRUCT
  • ROI - draw, detect, edit
  • DWI (diffusion weighted imaging)
  • Ultrasound special
  • Export CT, MR DICOM series
  • Save as secondary capture DICOM
  • Save as DICOM legacy converted enhanced CT, MR
  • View DICOM metadata
  • De-identify
  • Read, save DICOM Segmentation Surface (triangle meshes)
  • Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) for PET images
  • Edit, add, remove DICOM attributes, incl. items in sequences
  • ...
  Read and write images in MetaIONiftiNrrd, PNG, TIF and many more formats
  • 2D, 3D, 4D
  • series
  Read and write meshes in VTK, STL and OBJ format

  Read and write VTK poly line files

2D and 3D Views

  Image intensity windowing, linear and sigmoid, LUT

  MPR (multi-planar reconstruction)

  Physical space
  • Multiple images
  • Meshes
  • Contours
  • Non-uniform DICOM series
  Volume rendering

  MIP (maximum intensity projection)

  Shaded surface

  VTK volume rendering viewer

  • Image intensity windowing, LUT
  • Image intensity windowing with histogram
  • Select sub-image
  • Set position with cursor (MPR)
  • Measure
  • Ultrasound regions
  • View value and index under cursor
  • Create, edit ROI
  • Draw contours
  • Detect contours

DICOM browser
  • Recursive scan directory
  • DICOM metadata viewer
  • Copy series
  • Anonymize

  • Extract sub-image
  • Fusion (physical space)
  • Check-board
  • Selection, inverse selection to mask
  • Apply selection, inverse selection as mask
  • Gradient anisotropic
  • Curvature anisotropic
  • Recursive Gaussian
  • Discrete Gaussian
  • Median
  • Mean
  • Cast
  • LUT to RGB
  • Colorize scalar
  • RGB to greyscale
  • RGBA to RGB
  • Re-sample
  • Change orientation
  • Change origin
  • Change spacing
  • Rotate image data
  • Rotate image grid
  • Create empty image
  • Tranformix (optional)
  • Intensity to char image
  • Intensity shift and scale
  • Sigmoid
  • Invert scalar image
  • Re-scale intensity
  • Threshold
  • Binary threshold
  Histogram-based thresholding
  • Otsu
  • Otsu multiple (labels)
  • Huang
  • Li
  • Renyi
  • IsoData
  • Kittler-Illing.
  • Yen
  • Triangle
  • Shanbhag
  • Maximum entropy
  • Moments
  • Intermodes
  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Multiply
  • Divide
  • Load text annotation
  • Set lookup image
  • Labels to RGB
  • View Talairach labels
  • Standardized Uptake Value (SUV)
  • Flip
  • Smooth (windowed sink)
  • Decimate
  • Gradient magnitude
  • Fast marching
  • Connected components
  • SLIC (simple linear iterative clustering)
  • Danielsson distance map
  • Watershed
  • Calculate entropy


  • Set seed points
  • Connected threshold
  • Neighborhood connected threshold
  • Confidence connected
  • Isolated  connected
  • Fill holes in binary image filter
  • Mesh from binary image or labels
  • ROI contours from binary image
  • Contour tools

  • 3D (2D+time)
  • 4D (3D+time)

Optimized for multi-core processors and OpenGL 3 graphics hardware