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Fusion (physical space)

Images must have overlap in physical space, but not necessary occupy exactly the same physical space.
Output is RGB image.

  • Load images (eg. CT and PET images; optionally, if required, adjust level/window)
  • Select first , eg. CT image, and click Filters->Fusion (physical space)
  • Select 2nd image, eg. PET image
  • Select pallets - eg. grey for CT and PET for PET


Note: there are sometimes PET series with a tiny gap between several slices. The origin of this problem is unknown, probably some hardware or setup issue. Such series will be marked as non-uniform (red ? instead image orientation code in information window).  It is possible to increase default maximum tolerance (0.01 mm) to examine slices positions. Set eg. to 0.02 and try to reload series. See Settings, DICOM, Advanced. Use with caution and set the value back to default or lower after!