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DWI (diffusion weighted imaging)

  • DTI Color Map
  • Fractional Anisotropy
  • Mean Diffusivity
  • Save tensors in file
  • Load images

dwi dti dwi fractional anisotropy dwi mean diffusivity

Currently supported are:

NRRD DWI image or DICOM DWI series will be detected and dialog will appear:

medical imaging dwi

The output tensor will be a null tensor for pixels in the reference image that have a value less than threshold.

View Fractional Anisotropy
Generate fractional anisotropy image

View Mean Diffusivity
Generate fractional mean diffusivity image, 1/1000000 mm²/s

View DTI Color Map
Generate DTI Color Map RGB image

DTI Color Map advanced options dialog

dti options

Linear factor. Default 1.
Linear factor 1
Eigenvalues λ₁ ≫ λ₂ ≅ λ₃  if λ₁ > λf and  λ >  λf

Validate. Default false.
Advanced, perform additional calculations, set to 0 if validation fails.

Negative to white. Default false, set to black (empty).
Draw negative traces in white color.