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Draw contours (ROI)

Open 'List of ROIs' widget - click at
icon in lower right corner.


Select ROI or create new one. To create new ROI right-click in the widget to open menu.

To draw click 'Pencil on circle' icon at 2D view toolbar.

Another panel will appear.

Draw in 2D view. It is not possible in projection views, only in slice view (s. upper toolbar of 2D view).

To draw free - hold left mouse button and move mouse.

To draw lines - hold Shift and left-click.

Do not cross a border of image.

Click at new drawn contour to select it.

To close contour is recommended to select new created contour and use 'Open/close' button. According to DICOM specification last point should not duplicate first point and contour will be marked as CLOSED_PLANAR at export to RTSTRUCT.

To add contour to ROI select it and click at 'Plus' button.

Do not change slice or select another image before contour is added to ROI, drawing will be lost.

To go to next slice right-click in 2D view, to go to previous slice Ctrl - right-click.

Pressing F or 0 key (having focus in 2D view) will fit an image into view, 1 show image in original size.

To view current pixel value under cursor and index [x,y,z] (z is slice) - middle-click and look at upper left corner of 2D view.

Use 'List of ROIs' menu to edit ROI name, color and interpreted type to save in RTSTRUCT file.