Aliza Medical Imaging

Aliza MS DICOM Viewer 1.7.4 (free)

24 Dec 2021 - Linux, macOS, Windows (GitHub)

Aliza Medical Imaging & DICOM Viewer 2.2.1

24 Dec 2021 - Linux, macOS, Windows

New in latest releases

Signed Windows executables

Improved De-identify

  • DICOM Application Level Confidentiality Profile 2021b

  • All PS3.15 Table E.1-1 options

  • Built-in help

  • Optionally randomly generate common names

  • Optionally set Patient Name and Patient ID

  • Optionally rename files and folders

  • Add De-identification Method Code Sequence

  • Available in Aliza MS 1.6.0+ and Aliza 2.1.0+

Multi View

Improved ROI to mesh, caps options (Aliza)

Improved contours to binary, spacing options (Aliza)

Other improvements

View short introductory videos on Youtube channel (new)

DICOM Viewer

  • Compressed images

  • Fast directory scanner, DICOMDIR

  • View uniform and non-uniform series in physical space

  • Ultrasound incl. proper measurement in regions, cine

  • Intersections in study

  • 2D+t, 3D+t animations

  • Grayscale softcopy presentation

  • SR (structured report)

  • RTSTRUCT contours

  • 2D and 3D views with many tools


Medical Imaging

  • Registration (Elastix front-end)

  • Fusion (e,g. PET-CT)

  • 100+ filters


  • SR (structured report)

  • DWI

  • Mesh to binary, labels to mesh and other segmentation tools

  • Medical imaging formats (import/export): MetaIO, Nrrd, Nifti

  • Meshes (import/export): DICOM, VTK, OBJ, STL

  • Draw and detect contours

  • DICOM export

  • DICOM tools

  • Save and edit DICOM metadata