Aliza Medical Imaging

Aliza Medical Imaging & DICOM Viewer 2.6.8 (Linux, macOS, Windows)

14 Feb 2024 

Aliza MS DICOM Viewer 1.9.7 (open source)

8 Jan 2024 - FreeBSD, Linux (GitHub)

New in latest releases


DICOM 2023e,  HTJ2K


DICOM 2023c; read Key Object Selection IOD


Improved shift-and-scale filter, new options, warnings


Multi View is now in a 'tab' by default, s. Settings/Application to open in the separate window


Improved Multi View

Improved labels/binary image to mesh filter (option to clean meshes)

PACS (WIP, currently C-FIND, C-GET)

New filters for meshes

Fusion filter accepts also non-uniform images

Advanced options for enhanced IODs (s. Settings)

Improved DICOM export

Many other improvements


Improved Draw Segmentation tool (overlay images)

Improved Draw Contours tool

Improve SEG mesh export


Improved contours detection and RTSTRUCT export

Change transfer syntax tool (s. Export menu)

Encapsulated Uncompressed Explicit VR Little Endian transfer syntax


Signed Windows executables

Improved De-identify

Multi View

Improved ROI to mesh, caps options

Improved contours to binary, spacing options

View short introductory videos on Youtube channel  (new)

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