Fusion (physical space)


  • Images must overlap in physical space, but not necessary occupy exactly the same physical space

  • Output is RGB image

  1. Optionally, if required, adjust Level/Window

  2. Select first image, for example CT image

  3. Open Filters->Fusion (physical space) dialog

  4. Set second image, for example PET image

  5. Set pallets, for example grey for CT and PET for PET

  6. Set blending (0.5/0.5 by default)

  7. Click OK button to run

FIg. 1
Fig. 2
Note: there are sometimes PET series with a tiny gap between several slices. The origin of this problem is unknown, probably some hardware or setup issue. Such series will be marked as non-uniform. It is possible to increase maximum tolerance for equidistant slices. Set e.g. to 0.02 and try to reload series. See Settings, DICOM, Advanced.