Draw contours (ROI)


  • Open List of ROIs widget, click at Circle icon in the lower right corner of the main window
Fig. 1
  • To to open Menu right-click in the List of ROIs widget
FIg. 2
  • Select ROI or create new one
  • To draw click Pencil icon at 2D view toolbar. Another panel will appear
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
  • Draw in 2D view - only in Slice view (s. upper toolbar of 2D view)
Fig. 5
  • To draw free - hold left mouse button and move mouse
  • To draw lines - hold SHIFT and left-click
  • Do not cross image border
  • Click at newly drawn contour to select it
  • To close contour is recommended to select created contour and use Open/close button, according to DICOM specification last point should not duplicate first point, the contour will be marked as CLOSED_PLANAR at export to RT Structure Set
  • To add contour to ROI select it and click at Plus button
  • Do not change slice or select another image before contour is added to ROI, drawing will be lost
  • To go to next slice right-click in 2D view, to go to previous slice CTRL - right-click
  • Pressing f or 0 key, having focus in 2D view, will fit an image into the view, 1 shows image in original size
  • To view current pixel value under cursor and index [x,y,z] (z is slice) - middle-click and look at upper left corner
Fig. 6
  • Use List of ROIs widget's Menu to edit ROI name, color and interpreted type
Fig. 7