DWI (diffusion weighted imaging)

Diffusion weighted imaging

  • DTI Color Map
  • Fractional Anisotropy
  • Mean Diffusivity
  • Save tensors
  • Load images (DICOM)
dwi dti
Fig. 1
dwi fractional anisotropy
Fig. 2
dwi mean diffusivity
Fig. 3


  • DICOM MR Diffusion Macro
  • Siemens private DICOM tags, incl. Mosaic format
  • Philips private DICOM tags
  • GE private DICOM tags
  • UIH private DICOM tags, incl. Grid / VFrame format
  • Nrrd file format

DWI Dialog

NRRD DWI image or supported DICOM DWI series will be detected

medical imaging dwi
Fig. 4
  • Threshold. The output tensor will be a null tensor for pixels in the reference image that have a value less than threshold.
  • Fractional Anisotropy. Generate fractional anisotropy image
  • Mean Diffusivity. Generate fractional mean diffusivity image, 1/1000000 mm²/s
  • DTI Color Map. Generate DTI Color Map RGB image

DTI Color Map advanced options dialog

Fig. 5
  • Negative to white, draw negative traces in white color, default is false
  • R, G, B swap