Aliza Medical Imaging

Aliza MS DICOM Viewer 1.6.2 (free)

28 Jul 2021 - Linux, macOS, Windows (GitHub)

Aliza Medical Imaging & DICOM Viewer 2.1.2

28 Jul 2021 - Linux, macOS, Windows

New in latest releases

Improved De-identify

  • DICOM Application Level Confidentiality Profile 2021b

  • All PS3.15 Table E.1-1 options

  • Built-in help

  • Optionally randomly generate common names

  • Optionally set Patient Name and Patient ID

  • Optionally rename files and folders

  • Add De-identification Method Code Sequence

  • Available in Aliza MS 1.6.0 and Aliza 2.1.0

Multi View

Improved ROI to mesh, caps options (Aliza)

Improved contours to binary, spacing options (Aliza)

Other improvements

In the next release (Aliza):

batch-convert DICOM images in folder to lossy JPEG transfer syntax, incl. proper DICOM attributes (reference source images, update image type, etc.), may be useful specially for AI training to reduce space.

View more short introductory videos on Youtube channel (new)

DICOM Viewer

  • Compressed images

  • Fast directory scanner, DICOMDIR

  • View uniform and non-uniform series in physical space

  • Ultrasound incl. proper measurement in regions, cine

  • Intersections in study

  • 2D+t, 3D+t animations

  • Grayscale softcopy presentation

  • SR (structured report)

  • RTSTRUCT contours

  • 2D and 3D views with many tools


Medical Imaging

  • Registration (Elastix front-end)

  • Fusion (e,g. PET-CT)

  • 100+ filters


  • SR (structured report)

  • DWI

  • Mesh to binary, labels to mesh and other segmentation tools

  • Medical imaging formats (import/export): MetaIO, Nrrd, Nifti

  • Meshes (import/export): DICOM, VTK, OBJ, STL

  • Draw and detect contours

  • DICOM export

  • DICOM tools

  • Save and edit DICOM metadata