Оpen, DICOM browser

Open File

E.g. mha, nii.gz, nii, nrrd, single DICOM file, DICOMDIR, JPG, PNG, etc.

  • Open file dialog
  • Drag and drop file(s) onto main window
If file is DICOMDIR - DICOM browser widget (s. below) will appear with a list of series.
Fig. 1

Open DICOM Series

  • Open DICOM browser
  • Drag and drop directory onto main window or DICOM browser window
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
  • Select directory to scan recursively for DICOM series
  • Open DICOMDIR file
  • Reload
  • Metadata viewer
  • Copy series
  • Anonymizer
  • Load series

Open non-DICOM series

For example series image001.png-image100.png

Not applicable to GE 5 (Genesis) format: select one file with File dialog (*.001-*.nn), IO will automatically build a volume.
Fig. 4
  • Open file dialog, select any file