Rigid Registration CT - MR

Datasets in this example: anonymous CT and MR Nifti nii.gz data sets (converted from DICOM series).

medical imaging
medical imaging

To view both images simultaneously in physical space - check checkboxes in list widget. It is applicable to only one 3D view "Physical space, intensity projection"

medical imaging

Particular images have different dimensions and don't occupy same physical space.

Create mask image for CT. Masks are optional.

medical imaging

To open registration dialog click at "R" button (left main window panel).


Select working directory. There are several predefined configurations, in particular case one rigid registration. Fast, robust and precise presets are available. It is possible to use own parameter files and arguments.

During registration process "Registration is running" message will appear. It is possible to cancel registration.

After registration moving image, mask, etc. can be closed, they are still available in .mha format in output folder.


Use Fusion (physical space), generate check-board images.

Create custom views (all image settings - window, palette, rectangular selection, transparency etc. are working per image).

medical imaging